May 30th, 2017

NDP to force vote on Liberal promise of electoral reform

OTTAWA – Following Nathan Cullen’s (Skeena-Bulkley Valley) cross-country 'Keep Your Promise' tour, the NDP Critic for Democratic Reform introduced a motion on Tuesday to adopt the final report of the all-party Electoral Reform Committee. Cullen’s move will force every MP to vote on the Committee’s recommendation of a new, proportional voting system.

"Today is an opportunity for Liberal MPs to keep the promise they made to Canadians to reform our outdated and unfair voting system", says Cullen, the NDP Critic for Democratic Reform. "All it takes is for 20 Liberal MPs to listen to their constituents and their conscience."

MPs will debate the Committee’s recommendations, with a vote to adopt the report expected Wednesday.

"When the Prime Minister abandoned electoral reform he said it was 'his decision to make'—it was not,” Cullen said. “More than 60% of Canadians elected MPs who campaigned on making 2015 the last election held under the old, first past the post system. Now it’s on them.”