March 3rd, 2014

NDP challenge Adler’s witch-hunt bill

Time to hear from the real beneficiaries of the bill: Penashue, Gerstein and Del Mastro

New Democrats are challenging the Conservatives to find one credible witness to support Mark Adler’s witch-hunt bill C-520, and think it’s time to hear from the real beneficiaries of the legislation—people like Peter Penashue, Irving Gerstein and Dean Del Mastro.

“This bill is Conservative payback against the independent oversight bodies that have had the nerve to challenge abuses by the Conservative caucus,” said NDP Ethics critic Charlie Angus (Timmins—James Bay). “We will be inviting the people who would have benefited from such a bizarre bill, like Peter Penashue, Dean Del Mastro, Irving Gerstein, Mike Duffy, Shelly Glover and James Bezan, to explain why they think it is good to undermine the institutions that are supposed to enforce the rules.”

Adler’s bill would allow MPs and Senators to demand investigations into the alleged partisan activities of Agents of Parliament such as the Auditor General, Elections Canada and the Ethics Commissioner.

“The object of this bill is to allow those who are being investigated to undermine the work of those who have the job of holding government, lobbyists and the political system to account,” said NDP Treasury Board critic Mathieu Ravignat (Pontiac). “This bill will make it possible for the Conservatives to further undermine the independent work of these bodies. The bill is about settling scores.”