July 28th, 2015

NDP calls on Conservatives to rectify injustice involving Valcartier cadets

Following today’s release of the Defence Ombudsman’s report on the Valcartier cadets, the NDP applauds the survivors who have worked tirelessly for justice and calls on the government to take immediate action.

"What happened to the Valcartier cadets constitutes a serious miscarriage of justice," said NDP Defence critic Jack Harris (St. John’s East). “We urge the Minister to accept the government’s responsibility to provide full and immediate restitution to the survivors."

In 1974, a grenade exploded during a safety demonstration at a CFB Valcartier cadet camp, killing six cadets and wounding more than 65. At the time, little was done to assist survivors or support the victims' families. For the past three years, the NDP has worked with a group of survivors seeking redress. Today’s report made several recommendations that are necessary steps towards restitution.

“The government should promptly implement the recommendations in order to ensure those in greatest need receive immediate attention and assistance,” said NDP deputy Defence critic Élaine Michaud (Portneuf—Jacques Cartier). “Full resolution of the injustice done to the victims and survivors requires a mechanism for compensation. There must be an immediate commitment to put this in place.”