May 6th, 2014

NDP asks Tim Uppal, James Rajotte and Laurie Hawn to block Unfair Elections Act

Conservative Bill C-23 would deny thousands of Canadians of their right to vote

If former Democratic Reform Minister Tim Uppal and his colleagues James Rajotte and Laurie Hawn truly believe in democracy, they will join the NDP in voting against the Unfair Elections Act in the House of Commons.

“We will do everything we can to stop this Bill from being passed in Parliament. It will only weaken our democracy”, said NDP leader Tom Mulcair. “It is in this vein that I am asking all Conservative MPs to find the courage to stand up and defend every Canadian’s right to vote.”

In addition to Uppal, Rajotte and Hawn, New Democrats will publicly invite several Conservative MPs over the coming days to join ranks with opponents of this destructive Bill, which would not only strip thousands of Canadians of their right to vote, but remove Elections Canada’s powers of investigation and ability to educate voters.

“Never before in our history has a government used its majority to pass a bill that gives its party a clear-cut advantage in the next general election. It’s an undemocratic initiative that must be blocked by Parliamentarians from all parties”, added NDP Democratic Reform Critic, Craig Scott.