November 22nd, 2012

NDP and local activists celebrate victory

Application for destructive mega quarry withdrawn

After months of working with local residents to oppose a massive quarry project that would have destroyed prime farmland and put the drinking water of nearly a million Canadians at risk, NDP MPs are pleased that this quarry application has been withdrawn.

“The mega-quarry brings into sharp relief the issue of sustainable development. Very simply, we are left to choose between rocks or potatoes coming into our city from our rural surroundings. That tells us that the development of our city needs to occur in a different way,” said NDP MP Matthew Kellway (Beaches – East York). “This also serves as a reminder of how harmful the Conservatives’ short-sighted plan to slash environmental assessments is for our communities.”

NDP MPs joined forces with GTA and Melancthon Township residents to highlight serious community concerns about the mega quarry proposal. Thousands of people filled out petitions and attended town halls to share their concerns. Earlier this summer concerned residents, GTA New Democrat MPs and media visited the area. A recent event in Toronto drew a crowd of tens of thousands.

“Despite Conservative rhetoric, both urban and rural communities are deeply concerned about environmental regulation and food security. The change we see here is the result of urban and rural communities uniting on common principles,” said NDP MP Peggy Nash (Parkdale – High Park).

“This victory shows what citizen engagement can achieve, and the positive results that come when residents of Toronto work hand in hand with their neighbours to the north,” said NDP MP Craig Scott (Toronto – Danforth).