September 2nd, 2015

Mulcair to invest in sports for disadvantaged youth

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair announced today that an NDP government will help Canadian kids participate in team sports and physical activity, with a significant investment in Sport Canada. Mulcair made the announcement while visiting the City of Kamloops, the Tournament Capital of Canada.

“There is strong evidence that lower household incomes have a significant impact on kids’ enrollment in sports,” said Mulcair. “Team sports are a great way for kids to stay fit, but also to develop team and leadership skills that will serve them later in life. It’s so important that poorer kids have the opportunity to participate in team sports.”

During its first mandate, an NDP government will invest $28 million in Sport Canada to support youth sports and greater participation of low income and disadvantaged youth in physical activity. The investment increases available funding to provinces and territories for community sports programs through Sport Canada Bilateral Agreements. It will also help underrepresented groups, like girls and young women; as well as low-income, new Canadians, Indigenous, LGBT and disabled youth, to participate in sports activities.

“Less than ten percent of youth aged 5 to 17 are getting the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity each day,” said Mulcair. “Under Stephen Harper, Canada received a grade of ‘D’ for the physical activity of our youth. The Conservative plan isn’t working for our kids and grandkids, and it’s time to do better.”

“Whether it’s taking part in recreational sports activities for healthy living or representing our country on the world stage as part of Team Canada, I believe our youth should have equal opportunity to play sports,” said Mulcair. “More can be done and needs to be done to ensure our children are active and healthy. Every child deserves an active and happy childhood.”

The NDP is listening and that is why more and more Canadians are putting their trust in Tom Mulcair to bring positive change to Ottawa.