October 3rd, 2015

Mulcair stands up for Quebec dairy farmers

Mulcair says the NDP won’t accept any deal that hollows out rural communities

A day after NDP Leader Tom Mulcair said that an NDP government would not consider itself bound by Stephen Harper’s Trans-Pacific Partnership, Tom Mulcair visited a Quebec family dairy farm promising to stand up for dairy farms and Canada’s auto sector.

“Farm families, our auto sector and wineries are the economic backbone of communities throughout Canada,” said Mulcair. “With two weeks to go before Election Day and a majority of Canadians calling for change, Stephen Harper doesn’t have a mandate to sign sweeping trade deals that put family farms at risk.''

Under Stephen Harper more than 30,000 family farms have disappeared and Canada has lost 400,000 good manufacturing jobs.

“Quebecers have a clear choice in this election. An NDP government that will take a strong stand in support of family farms and the dairy industry, or a Conservative government that won’t,” said Mulcair. “Unlike the Conservatives and Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, Quebecers can trust an NDP government will protect the rich heritage of Quebec’s dairy industry, which has supported rural communities for generations.”

Standing up for our economy, good jobs and the family farm are among the many reasons Canadians are turning to the NDP. With just 35 more seats in the House of Commons, Tom Mulcair will defeat Stephen Harper and bring positive change to Ottawa.