July 22nd, 2015

Mulcair outlines plan to support farming and provide healthy affordable food for middle-class families

Today, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair brought his Ontario Tour for Change to Brunner and Chatham to share his farm-to-fork plan that supports farmers and helps ensure healthy and affordable food for middle-class families.

“Under the Conservatives, 30,000 family farms have disappeared and farm debt has grown by 70 per cent. Stephen Harper’s plan just isn’t working,” said Mulcair. “It’s time for change. The NDP have a vision for a thriving agricultural sector that will provide healthy, affordable food for generations to come.”

Tom Mulcair’s concrete proposals include creating a payment protection program for produce farmers, maintaining Canada’s supply management system, and supporting farm families so they can continue to make a living. We will also work with the provinces and territories to provide farmers with access to economic opportunities at home and abroad. These practical steps will build sustainable agricultural communities and improve Canadians’ access to healthy food.

“On the world stage, Stephen Harper’s priorities are wrong for farmers in Southern Ontario and they have failed to act while local markets have disappeared,” said Mulcair. “I am proud to be the leader of the only party in Canada with a comprehensive plan to meet Canada’s agriculture and food challenges.”