July 23rd, 2015

Mulcair outlines plan to help create jobs and prosperity in Sarnia

Today, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair brought his Ontario Tour for Change to Sarnia. Mulcair highlighted his plan to build a stronger middle class by kick-starting manufacturing and helping small and medium-sized business owners create good jobs.

“After ten years of Stephen Harper, the manufacturing sector that once supported southwestern Ontario is shrinking, incomes are dropping, household debt is rising, and 200,000 more Canadians are out of work than before the recession,” said Mulcair. “Stephen Harper’s plan is not working. As part of my plan to build a stronger middle class I am committed to supporting small businesses, which create 80 percent of the new jobs in Canada.”

While in Sarnia, Mulcair visited the Refined Fool Brewery and discussed his plan to help small businesses create jobs by cutting their tax rate from 11 to 9 percent. Mulcair also took the opportunity to highlight his 10 percent tax credit for microbrewers. In preparation for Mulcair’s visit, the Refined Fool brewed a special stout they named, One Tax Break Short Of A Great Name.

“In Sarnia and Lambton alone, there are nearly 8,300 small businesses and across Ontario, 4,000 jobs rely on microbreweries,” said Mulcair. “I am committed to supporting small businesses like the Refined Fool Brewery so they can create good jobs and opportunities for hard working middle-class families.”