October 11th, 2015

Mulcair: it’s NDP that beats Conservatives on Vancouver Island

NDP promises more doctors, cheaper prescriptions, and action on climate change

It’s a two way race between the NDP and the Conservatives on Vancouver Island, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair said today as he promoted the NDP’s ambitious plans to improve health care, tackle climate change and create good paying jobs.

“With eight days to go, this election comes down to who can defeat Stephen Harper and stand up for health care, jobs and the environment – the real priorities of middle-class families,” said Mulcair. “In British Columbia, it’s a two-way race and only the NDP can turn the page on the Conservatives’ lost decade and build the Canada of our dreams.”

Talking to an energized crowd of 700 supporters at a campaign stop in Nanaimo, Mulcair took direct aim at Stephen Harper’s secretive TPP deal, and at Justin Trudeau for keeping his own views secret.

“Stephen Harper’s secretive TPP deal will lower wages, increase the cost of life-saving medications and threaten the livelihood of thousands of families,” said Mulcair. “Stephen Harper didn’t get the best deal for Canada and Justin Trudeau is already standing with him, just like he did on bill C-51.”

Vancouver Island is ready for change and with just 35 more New Democrat MPs, we will defeat Stephen Harper and ensure that this election is the last unfair election in Canadian history.