July 21st, 2015

Mulcair champions manufacturing in Cambridge

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair continued his Ontario Tour for Change with a stop in Cambridge today. Mulcair outlined his plan to champion Canada’s manufacturing sector, support local businesses and help create jobs.

“After ten years, Stephen Harper’s plan is not working. He has failed to make the necessary investments that drive Ontario’s economy and local businesses and it’s middle-class families who are paying the price,” said Mulcair. “In the last six months alone, 18,200 people have lost their jobs in this region. Ontario needs a champion for manufacturing. I will be that champion.”

Tom Mulcair’s plan would support growth and boost research and development in manufacturing by creating an innovation tax credit to encourage investment in machinery and equipment. For small businesses, which create over 80 percent of all new jobs in Canada, Mulcair would cut their tax rate from 11 to 9 percent.

These concrete measures will help middle-class families by kick-starting the economy and creating jobs across Ontario.

“The NDP understands the importance of providing immediate and reliable help for small business owners,” said Mulcair. “Small businesses created the majority of private-sector jobs over the last decade in Canada and it’s time to make them a priority.”