October 4th, 2015

Mulcair champions jobs on SW Ontario momentum tour in Stratford

Slams Stephen Harper for the Loss of 400,000 manufacturing jobs

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair was in Stratford today, joined by NDP candidate Ethan Rabidoux(Perth-Wellington), as part of his six city Southwestern Ontario Whistle-Stop Harper tour.

“If Ontarians want to defeat Stephen Harper and have better healthcare, cleaner air and water, and real opportunities for jobs and growth, it’s the NDP that will deliver,” said Mulcair. “We can build the Canada of our dreams, and it starts right here in Southwestern Ontario.”

Mulcair slammed Harper for his failures on health care, the environment and for losing 400,000 manufacturing jobs, including more than 43,000 in Canada’s auto sector.

“Tom Mulcair is a strong leader who will help families get ahead and fight for good jobs in Stratford,” said Rabidoux. “For Canadians who want change in Ottawa, Tom Mulcair has both the plan and the team to get us there.”

On TPP negotiations, Mulcair also slammed the Conservatives and the Liberal Party for their lack of support for the auto industry. He cited a statement by a senior Trudeau advisor advocating letting the big 3 automakers go bankrupt.

“Stephen Harper hasn’t stood up for auto jobs, and Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party simply won’t,” said Mulcair. “An NDP government will fight for auto jobs with a national auto strategy, support manufacturing, and invest in innovation.”