October 6th, 2015

Mulcair celebrates Canadian Nobel Prize win in Physics

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair made the following statement:

“On behalf of New Democrats, I join with Canadians in congratulating Arthur B. McDonald, professor emeritus at Queen's University, for co-winning the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics. McDonald’s research and his work at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory will influence basic theories of physics and inspire future generations of young scientists.

The NDP believes strongly in promoting the voice of Canada’s scientists, because we know they are key to future innovations and discoveries, as well as the health and safety of Canadians.

That’s why an NDP government will restore science-based decisions to government, including an end to the policy of muzzling our scientists. We will also establish the Office of the Parliamentary Science Officer, to ensure that parliamentarians have factual, science-based analysis to inform decision-making.

Arthur McDonald is an inspiration to Canada’s scientific community and to the NDP, which intends to put science at the core of our approach to tackling climate change.”