October 12th, 2015

Mulcair: British Columbians are ready for change to the NDP

NDP plans for more doctors and clinics, cheaper prescriptions, cleaner environment

MAPLE RIDGE — In British Columbia, it’s a two way race between New Democrats and Conservatives and it’s the NDP that has the plan to bring real change to Ottawa, said NDP Leader Tom Mulcair. The NDP’s plan expands access to health care for millions of Canadians, defends and creates good jobs, delivers strong action on climate change and is the change Canadians are waiting for.

“There’s just one week to go and British Columbians, like all Canadians, know it’s the NDP that stands for what really matters; better health care, good paying jobs, protecting the environment and opportunity for young people,” said Mulcair. “Stephen Harper has created a Canada that is more closed, war-like, and is seen as a polluter on the world stage, all while ignoring concerns for health care and the environment. He has the wrong priorities.”

Mulcair addressed a Thanksgiving Day crowd to focus on his plan that helps middle-class families get ahead. Mulcair also sharply criticized Stephen Harper’s secretive TPP deal and Justin Trudeau for not being upfront about his views.

“This secretive Conservative trade deal drives down wages, makes life-saving drugs more expensive and will harm thousands of Canadian families. Why Justin Trudeau is standing with Stephen Harper on this, as he did with C-51, is unbelievable,” said Mulcair. “The NDP has a great plan to lower drug costs, but Stephen Harper's signature on the TPP would mean drug costs would actually go up for Canadians, especially seniors. We're going to fight against this deal.”

British Columbia is ready for change and with just 35 more New Democrat MPs across Canada, the NDP will defeat Stephen Harper and make this election the last unfair election in Canadian history.