October 6th, 2015

Mulcair blasts Harper and Trudeau over health care cuts

NDP promises more family doctors, cheaper prescriptions, and better home care

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is fighting for Canadians’ health care, so more people have access to doctors and nurses; more home care and nursing home beds for seniors, and less expensive prescriptions across the country with a universal drug plan.

“While Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau promise cuts to health care, the NDP’s plan hires more doctors and nurses and lowers prescription drug costs for all Canadians,” said Mulcair. “Nothing is more important than our families’ health, yet Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau both plan cuts.”

Mulcair said that the terms of Harper’s secret trade deal, which Justin Trudeau looks to support, raise significant concerns in the health sector over the long-term price of life-saving medications.

“Ten percent of Canadians already can’t afford to take the drugs prescribed by their doctors,” said Mulcair. “Stephen Harper’s trade deals make it harder for generics to reach market and could threaten higher prices for life-saving medication.”

“Canadian families should never have to choose between food and medicine, but Stephen Harper’s secret trade deal raises serious questions,” said Mulcair. “Together, we can turn around decades of Conservative and Liberal neglect and provide long-term, stable funding for the health services we need today and in the future.”

The NDP’s plan to usher in the next era of quality public healthcare also includes a national Alzheimer’s and Dementia Strategy; a comprehensive strategy on mental health that emphasizes First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities; investments in palliative care and will help build 200 clinics across Canada.