June 26th, 2014

More Conservative rule breaking, more trouble for Peter MacKay

This morning, Canada’s Ethics Commissioner delivered a guilty verdict against Peter MacKay’s friend and handpicked patronage appointee John Lynn, lately of the Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation.

While Conservatives did nothing, Mr. Lynn was found to have contravened paragraph 15(1)(e) of the Conflict of Interest Act. It turns out using your position as CEO of a Crown Corporation to moonlight as a consultant is against the rules – even if you are a good buddy to Peter MacKay.

As with so many missteps and scandals revolving around Canada’s Justice Minister, Peter MacKay refuses to take responsibility for the messes he makes.

  • Just a few weeks ago he said that a Supreme Court ruling against the government on warrantless access to private information was actually a “win” for the government. He then feigned outrage when people questioned his statements.
  • He recently said in the House of Commons that Justice Robert Mainville was headed to the Supreme Court. He then feigned outrage when people started quoting him.
  • He blamed a lack of gender balance in judicial appointments on women for “not applying” to become judges. He then feigned outrage when people were offended.
  • His surprisingly different messages to staff for Father’s Day (“moulding” youngsters) and Mother’s Day (changing diapers). He then feigned outrage when criticized and explained it was ok because he had female staffers draft his message.

It’s time that Peter MacKay and the Conservatives drop the excuses, stop the pork patronage and start taking responsibility for their mistakes.

Canadians deserve better.