February 27th, 2013

Malcolm Allen calls for pan-Canadian Organ Donor Registry

Today, NDP MP Malcolm Allen (Welland) will introduce a private member’s bill that would increase coordination and promotion of organ donation throughout Canada and create a pan-Canadian Organ Donor Registry.

“In a country like Canada, we should make every effort to ensure that people who need an organ or tissue transplant have the best shot of receiving it,” said Allen. “Advocates have long called for a pan-Canadian donor registry and I hope this bill will not only better connect organ donors across provinces but will also raise awareness of this extremely important issue that will affect many Canadians at some point in their lives.”

A pan-Canadian registry would reduce provincial health care costs by making it easier to connect organ donors with recipients. This would also address disparities in wait times and increase the supply of donor organs and tissues. According to the Canadian Organ Replacement Register, last year over 4,000 Canadians – including 1,500 in Ontario alone – were waiting for an organ or tissue transplant. Over the next ten years, demand is expected to increase as Canada’s population ages.

For more information about registering for organ donation in Ontario, please visit www.beadonor.ca or call 1-800-263-2833.