2013 12 18
Lowlight #14: Conservative high spending ministers


Lowlight #14: Conservative high spending ministers

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives had a very bad year. Plagued by an expense scandal and cover-up reaching right to the top of the prime minister’s office, Conservatives have shown they are a tired and out-of-gas government.

We are condensing a year worth of Conservative lowlights into a countdown of the top 15 examples of Conservative blunders, scandals and ineptitude.

Conservative ministers love to spend money … on themselves

While Conservatives were cutting services Canadians rely on and increasing taxes on everyday items – even hospital parking – Conservative Ministers were spending big … on themselves.

Conservative spending on their own ministers’ offices jumped by almost three million dollars, from $53,177,725 to $56,084,822 in the last fiscal year. That’s 5.5% more money for Conservative spin doctors, office supplies and travel.

A special dishonourable mention to Bernard Valcourt, who more than doubled his ministerial spending a whopping 107% increase!

Here are the top ten increases in Ministerial budgets, with percentage increase over the previous year:


Budget increase (percentage)

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

$ 564,646 (7%)

Minister Joe Oliver

$ 535,052 (59%)

Minister Bernard Valcourt

$ 507,047 (107%)

Minister Julian Fantino

$ 398,994 (79%)

Minister Denis Lebel

$ 368,203 (20%)

Minister John Baird

$ 283,836 (18%)

Minister Diane Finley

$ 243,883 (14%)

Minister Steven Blaney

$ 233,309 (28%)

Minister Gail Shea

$ 215,055 (16%)

Minister Rob Nicholson

$ 210,756 (11%)

Canadians deserve better.

While other leaders have been missing in action, Tom Mulcair has been showing up to work on behalf of Canadians – holding Stephen Harper accountable and putting forward practical solutions to help families make ends meet.

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