2013 12 31
Lowlight #1: Conservative PMO orchestrates cover up

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives had a very bad year. Plagued by an expense scandal and cover-up reaching right to the top of the prime minister’s office, Conservatives have shown they are a tired and out-of-gas government.

We are condensing a year’s worth of lowlights into a countdown of the top 15 examples of Conservative blunders, scandals and ineptitude.


As we close out another year and consider the year that was, it is undeniable that federal politics in 2013 were dominated by the Senate expense scandal and the ham fisted cover-up run out of the Prime Minister’s Office.

2013 started off with allegations about Mike Duffy’s residence, allegations the PMO went out and actively tried to refute. And the year ended with an RCMP document contradicting many previous Conservative excuses and detailing a PMO cover-up.

The Prime Minister couldn’t begin to answer even basic questions in the House of Commons without tripping over his previous statements and trapping himself with his own lies.

Remember when Harper said there was no legal agreement with Mike Duffy?

Then the RCMP released the terms of the legal agreement.

Remember when he said his lawyer Ben Perrin was not involved in any legal agreement?

Then we found out he handled the negotiations.

Remember when the Prime Minister declared the Senate was independent?

Then the police discovered emails from senators to the PMO saying, “Hi Nigel, just a quick note to say that I'm always ready to do exactly what is asked”.

And remember when he claimed his office had followed all the rules regarding emails being deleted?

Then suddenly they disappearing emails reappeared, and the PCO (which is also the prime minister’s responsibility) said it was all their fault.

2013 will be remembered as the year that master tactician Stephen Harper’s talking points were very clearly not good to go.

Fortunately, Canadians know they can trust Tom Mulcair in 2014 to continue holding Stephen Harper and the Conservatives accountable while putting forward practical solutions to help families make ends meet.

Happy New Year!

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