June 11th, 2014

Liberals want one set of rules for themselves and another – made up on the fly – for their opponents

In January, Liberal MP Dominic Leblanc stated the following:

“I know that when we had a previous interim leader, there may have been more sharing of resources [between Liberals in the House of Commons and the Senate]." Dominic Leblanc, CBC, January 30th 2014

Parliamentary rules clearly forbid Senators from sharing resources with Members of Parliament, and ‎misusing these resources is a serious matter. Before judging Liberal guilt, one must weigh the evidence.

But when it comes to blaming others, Liberals have no problem reversing the burden of the proof and declaring others guilty without producing evidence of wrongdoing.

Alongside Stephen Harper's Conservatives, Justin Trudeau's Liberals were happy to set up a kangaroo court at the secretive Board of Internal Economy to retroactively change rules to launch partisan attacks on the NDP.

And of course when it comes to allowing their own mailings to be studied alongside that of the NDP, Liberals said no.

Canadians deserve better than Liberal hypocrisy.