September 25th, 2015

Liberals’ real immigration record – lots of rhetoric but no action

Liberals are making big promises on the immigration file….again. Electoral promises come easy to Liberals, but when elected they repeatedly fail to deliver.

“Mr. Trudeau was silent on reunification for children, silent on the issue of foreign credential recognition for new immigrants work in their field, and silent on fixing the temporary foreign workers program,” said NDP candidate Andrew Cash (Davenport).

“He says family reunification is the centerpiece – yet he takes the Conservative annual quota that is now filled within two weeks, and under his plan, it will be filled in a month. That’s not the change new Canadians are looking for.”

On immigration, it’s important for Canadians to remember Justin Trudeau’s many inconsistencies, contradictions and flip-flops:

  • The Liberal Party created the low-skill stream for Temporary Foreign Workers in 2002.
  • Family reunification has often been an election priority for the Liberals – but after the election backlogs for family reunification skyrocketed, climbing to over 100,000 applications.

On issue after issue, Justin Trudeau’s inexperience is showing and it’s clear he doesn’t have a serious plan for the economy, or for immigration.