May 15th, 2014

Liberals and Conservatives choose Kangaroo Court over due process

Conservatives are well known for making decisions before weighing the evidence, but in the case of attacking the NDP on their office in Montreal, it’s clear to everyone that the old-line parties are turning the proceedings into a kangaroo court.

Hoback and Richards: obviously the NDP has broken the rules. Reporter q: but hold on, #proc hasn't heard from Mulcair yet. ‏@laurabeaulne – May 15th 2014, Richards say NDP has broken the rules, though that is what PROC he sits on is supposed to determine. @glen_mcgregor – May 15th 2014, “If these reports are accurate, the NDP has misused House of Commons resources for partisan purposes, and that is the truth.” Julian Fantino –May 14th 2014, House of Commons

Canadians deserve better than Conservatives and Liberals passing judgement before hearings even start.

Canadians deserve to have their elected parliamentarians focused on them, not just on meeting Ottawa lobbyists – or on Kangaroo court attacks.