Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and his brain trust just can’t get their math straight

Today in the House of Commons, Justin Trudeau is pushing a confused and misdirected corporate tax credit. Since proposing this measure last week, Liberals have now tried to use


different numbers to explain it.

  • First, the Liberal Leader told the Canadian Press he had a plan that would create 176,000 jobs by giving companies an EI holiday on all new hires. He said it would cost $225 million. It would actually cost more than five times that amount using Statistics Canada data.
  • Later, Liberals added a new qualifier, amending their proposal to say it would “help to create” – a clear admission that their business tax break might not actually create new jobs.
  • Then Ralph Goodale followed with a new explanation, saying their plan would go to “net new jobs” – but using net new jobs still means their previous costing didn’t balance.
  • Now, Justin Trudeau and his very malleable brain trust are tweeting out a new claim, that every business will get $1300 and it will help to create 175,000

  • jobs.

  • Of course the maximum employer contribution to EI is actually less than $1,300, which begs the question of whether Liberals are promising to send out cheques now to make up the difference?
  • Bad math and spending money that isn’t theirs on poorly thought out tax giveaways. That’s Justin Trudeau’s record.