May 12th, 2014

Last call for free-thinking Conservative MPs

It’s never too late to do the right thing. On the eve of final voting, New Democrats are once again urging 19 carefully chosen Conservative MPs to vote against the Unfair Elections Act. Each of these Conservatives has shown signs of having the political courage to protect every citizen’s democratic right to vote_._

“If my Conservative colleagues are true democrats at heart, they will side with us and block Bill C-23, which will weaken our democracy and make voting harder across the country,” said NDP leader Tom Mulcair.

For weeks, the NDP has been urging the Harper government to make major changes to its Unfair Elections Act. This bill could prevent thousands of Canadians from casting their ballots, while stripping Elections Canada of its powers to investigate fraud and to educate voters. These changes make no sense for Canadians.

The 20 Conservative MPs singled out for their past pro-democracy stands are: Michael Chong, Maxime Bernier, James Rajotte, Harold Albrecht, Jay Aspin, Peter Braid, Rob Clarke, Robert Goguen, Bal Gosal, Laurie Hawn, Bryan Hayes, Gerald Keddy, Ryan Leef, Susan Truppe, Brad Trost, Lawrence Toet, Tim Uppal, David Wilks and Stephen Woodworth. Tomorrow, they will have the choice to defend their democratic values by voting down this destructive bill.

“The NDP believes that Parliamentarians of all stripes have a duty to uphold our democracy. Now we must all find the courage to fight for our convictions,” added NDP Democratic Reform critic Craig Scott (Toronto—Danforth).