August 25th, 2015

Justin Trudeau isn’t up to the job

Canadians are uniting behind Tom Mulcair to defeat Harper

Justin Trudeau’s changing stories on balanced budgets are showing once again that he just isn’t up to the job, said NDP candidate and former Saskatchewan finance minister Andrew Thomson.

Trudeau has been under fire for his contradictions on balancing the budget. In February 2014 he said the budget will balance itself, in April 2015 he said it would be balanced next year, now he is saying he might balance it, sometime in the future.

“Being Prime Minister isn’t an entry level job and on issue after issue, Justin Trudeau isn’t up to the job,” said Thomson. “While Tom Mulcair has a concrete plan to create jobs and put middle class families at the centre of our economy through measures like childcare and a $15 federal minimum wage, Justin Trudeau has no plan.”

Trudeau is sending mixed messages today, campaigning with former Prime Minister Paul Martin, known for his budget cuts and downloading onto provinces.

“This is the same Paul Martin whose Liberal government cut $7.4 billion to provincial budgets meant for health care and social programs – leading to closed hospitals, fired nurses and students still struggling to pay off their debts,” said Thomson. “When it comes to defeating Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau will not get the job done.”

“After eight consecutive deficit budgets, it’s clear Stephen Harper’s plan isn’t working. That’s why more and more Canadians are putting their trust in Tom Mulcair and the NDP to defeat Stephen Harper and bring change to Ottawa.”