February 21st, 2014

Justin Trudeau – flip-flopper – Senate edition

Over the last several months, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has made one thing clear: whatever the issue is, he is willing to change his mind about it. His party has no plan, and he won’t tell Canadians what he really intends to do.

Take the sudden “independence” of Liberal senators, for example. Trudeau pulled that rabbit out of his hat earlier this year when he “kicked out” his Senators from caucus.

Not only did his move contradict his own party’s constitution, it also contradicted his own position from the fall.

In October, the NDP put forward a motion to force senators out of party caucuses. Who stood in the way? None other than Justin Trudeau, explaining his vote against the motion:

“Because I respect the Constitution of Canada. And regardless of what the NDP might wish to make political hay over, we don't have the capacity in the House of Commons to, on a simple majority vote, eliminate pieces of the Canadian Constitution.” – Justin Trudeau, CBC, October 26, 2013

So whatever happens this weekend, don’t forget: there is nothing Justin Trudeau won’t back down on. He has shown his poor judgement time and time again.

Canadians deserve better.