February 22nd, 2014

Justin Trudeau – flip-flopper – the bilinguism edition

Over the last several months, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has made one thing clear: whatever the issue is, he is willing to change his mind about it. His party has no plan, and he won’t tell Canadians what he really intends to do.

Take bilingualism, for example.

In 2007, he raised a few eyebrows when he declared that:

"No, I am not for bilingualism." -The Gazette, May 5th, 2007

So maybe it was overcompensation when, in February 2008, he called people who only spoke one language “lazy”.

So whatever happens this weekend, don’t forget: there is nothing Justin Trudeau won’t back down on. He has shown his poor judgement time and time again.

Canadians deserve better.