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2012 11 14
Jason Kenney’s Taxpayer Funded Self-Image

Spendthrift Conservative Minister Jason Kenney seems to have a lot riding on his self image.

His department spent $750,000 to monitor perceptions of him and Conservative candidates.

This is money beyond the tax dollars already being spent by the Prime Minister’s Office on media monitoring.

What could Kenney’s $700,000 taxpayer funded narcissistic largesse have paid for?

  • Old Age Security for 121 seniors this year
  • Or the Guaranteed Income Supplement for 127 seniors
  • Or the Survivor Allowance for 103 seniors

This is just more proof that the Conservatives – plagued by scandals, ethical lapses and mismanagement – are using public money for their own private political advantage.

I wonder what the old Reform Party MP Jason Kenney would have had to say about this abuse of Canadian taxpayers?

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Thomas Mulcair