It’s time for real action on jobs and economy: Turmel

Strong NDP team presents clear alternative to Conservatives on economy

QUEBEC CITY – Speaking at her party’s caucus strategy session, NDP Interim Leader Nycole Turmel said Canadians will have a clear choice this fall between the failed economic policies of Stephen Harper’s Conservatives and the New Democrat plan to kick-start job creation and move Canada forward.

“In the next six months, New Democrats will bring renewed leadership and the best ideas to build a better Canada,” said Turmel. “And our strong, united, national team will take on Stephen Harper from day one on his economic inaction.”

With jobs and the economy as the party’s number one focus this fall, Turmel laid out stark contrasts between the two parties.

“While Stephen Harper sticks to the failed approach of giving away billions to profitable companies without the guarantee of a single new job, New Democrats know we must give a break to small businesses and the real job creators. That’s how we create jobs,” said Turmel.

Turmel says New Democrats will avoid Harper-style wedge politics, choosing instead to tackle challenges together and reaching out to new Canadians, young Canadians, and the working families left behind by the Conservatives.

“New Democrats have a strong, united team from across Canada who will take on the Harper Conservatives from day one. We’ve got a vision for a better country, and we’re bringing it to Parliament next week.”