April 7th, 2014

Hundreds call on Minister of Defence to help Valcartier cadets

Hundreds have signed an NDP petition calling on the Minister of Defence to recognize and assist former cadets who survived a fatal grenade explosion at Canadian Forces Base Valcartier.

“For months we have been urging the Minister to allow an investigation to move forward so that survivors can finally receive recognition and redress,” said Jack Harris, NDP critic for National Defence. “Many of these former cadets still suffer from mental and physical wounds, and are not getting the help they need.”

In 1974, a grenade exploded during a safety demonstration at Canadian Forces Base Valcartier, killing 6 cadets and wounding more than 95. At the time, little was done to assist survivors.

“These cadets have been forgotten for four decades,” said explosion survivor Charles Gutta. “We hope the Minister will finally listen to us, and to the hundreds of Canadians who have signed this petition.”

To sign the petition, please visit http://petition.ndp.ca/valcartier-cadets-need-your-help