October 16th, 2013

Harper’s Throne Speech fails to change channel from scandal

Today’s Speech from the Throne failed to change the channel away from Conservative scandal and mismanagement, according to Official Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair.

“For seven years they’ve failed to take action to help consumers, so today’s words ring hollow to Canadians,” said Mr. Mulcair. “This is the same tired government mired in ethical scandals – and now trying to use consumer issues to hide their inaction, misconduct and economic mismanagement.”

Despite youth unemployment soaring and nearly 300,000 more people unemployed today than before recession, today’s Throne Speech failed to lay out a jobs plan or take concrete action to create good middle class jobs while Canadian families still facing uncertain economic times.

It will take more than copying some of the NDP’s consumer policies to make Canadians forget about the Senate expense scandal – because Canadians know the Conservatives have failed to deliver in the past.

“Canadians can see through these cynical Conservatives tactics. They know only New Democrats can be trusted to put everyday Canadians first and give the middle-class a fair break.”