September 4th, 2015

Harper’s failed plan on the economy costing Canadians

Rising unemployment rate just latest symptom of Stephen Harper’s lost decade

With Statistics Canada reporting a rise in the unemployment rate, New Democrat candidate Andrew Thomson (Eglinton – Lawrence) blasted Prime Minister Stephen Harper for the failure of his economic plan which has led to 300,000 more Canadians unemployed than before the last recession.

“Stephen Harper can’t escape the fact that the unemployment rate is up on his watch. We now have nearly 300,000 more Canadians unemployed than before the last recession,” said Thomson. “Let’s be clear: this is not about one day’s statistics, one month’s job numbers or one quarter’s budget figures. This has been Canada’s lost decade – 10 years of job losses, crumbling infrastructure and tax breaks for the wealthy while the middle class can’t get ahead.”

The Statistic Canada report indicated the unemployment rate increased to 7.0 per cent for the month of August, up 0.2 from 6.8 per cent, where it had held steady for six consecutive months.

“After ten years, Stephen Harper’s plan just isn’t working. Canadians are working harder than ever but can’t get ahead. Incomes are flat-lining and household debt is rising,” said Thomson. “Instead of supporting job-creating small businesses, they handed tens of billions of dollars in tax breaks to large corporations, with no conditions attached.”

“Harper and the Conservatives have done nothing to stem the loss of more than 400,000 well-paying manufacturing jobs since they came to power ten years ago. That’s why Canadians are ready for change. Canadians are looking to Tom Mulcair to deliver his plan for change that will create the quality jobs that middle-class families need to thrive.”