October 9th, 2015

Harper needs to come clean on unfair TPP auto rules

Harper must release all details on new TPP rules for auto parts and cars

NDP auto critic Brian Masse (Windsor West) called on Stephen Harper to come clean with Canadians about the new rules on regional content in the auto sector that he negotiated under the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

“Stephen Harper announced the TPP with a promise that it wouldn’t sell out Canadian jobs, but newspapers are reporting details that show the deal is far worse for the auto sector than he told Canadians it would be,” said Masse. “Canadians and workers who stand to lose their jobs because of this unfair TPP deal have to know if Stephen Harper has sold out them out. They deserve to know the truth.”

Stephen Harper said no parts would be subject to lower content rules than 40%, but American and Mexican papers are reporting the contents could be as low as 30% for some auto parts.

“We’re talking about jobs and families that depend on these small parts companies. Stephen Harper needs to tell them why he thinks their jobs are not a priority,” added Masse. Tom Mulcair will fight for jobs and won’t be bound by Harper’s bad deal.

Mulcair’s plan will:

  • Improve financial incentives for automakers and parts suppliers in exchange for firm commitments on jobs and investment.
  • Make it easier for automakers to set up operations in Canada with ICanada, a one-stop shop inside the federal government.
  • Support research and innovation in the auto sector including immediate funding renewal for the University of Windsor’s Auto21 Network of Centres of Excellence.