October 8th, 2015

Harper and Trudeau wrong on secret trade deal and C-51

Mulcair says ‘Real change’ doesn’t mean standing with Harper every time it counts

“Only the NDP will stand up for a better deal for Canada and Canadian workers on the Trans Pacific Partnership,” said NDP Leader Tom Mulcair today. During a town-hall meeting, Mulcair drew the link between Justin Trudeau’s support for C-51 and his support for the TPP.

“Justin Trudeau’s Liberals stood with Stephen Harper on C-51, and now they will join with him again to help cut jobs in our tourism, agriculture and auto sectors,” said Mulcair. “The NDP is focused on what matters to families and that’s better access to health care; affordable prescription drugs, more doctors and a Prime Minister who’ll fight for their jobs.”

The Conservative’s secretive TPP deal could mean increased costs of life-saving medications and the loss of thousands of well-paying manufacturing jobs across southwestern Ontario. Canada has already lost 400,000 manufacturing jobs under Stephen Harper, including over 40,000 auto jobs.

“A TPP deal that sacrifices tens of thousands of jobs does not meet the high test Canadians should demand of their negotiators and their Prime Minister. Canadians also deserve to know why Justin Trudeau is not standing up to fight for auto jobs and for our supply management system,” said Mulcair.

“The dairy and auto sectors know that Stephen Harper isn’t protecting their interests and the growing international opposition to the TPP shows that a better deal is needed.”