February 2nd, 2016

Groundhog Day for Auditor General Report

Mismanagement with the Social Security Tribunal and at Shared Services Canada harms the most vulnerable Canadians.

OTTAWA – Today’s Auditor General Report revealed yet another 12 months of mismanagement within the Federal Government. The report highlights many problems, including an arduous process for disability claim appeals, and the failure of the Canada Border Services Agency to prevent illegal exports.

“It’s clear that the Conservatives were neglecting important files, Canadians knew that last fall,” said NDP MP David Christopherson (Hamilton Centre). “But it feels like Groundhog Day with these reports—and Canadians want to see the Liberal’s plan to fix these ongoing problems.”

The report today also concluded that the Social Security Tribunal is in a complete chaos, with wait times now averaging nearly 900 days. In addition, the report pointed out that the Shared Services initiative is a complete disaster. After claiming that government will save $60 million a year, the AG confirms the government has no idea if there will actually be any savings at all.

“We need a clear commitment from the Liberal government to tackle this complete mismanagement with a focus on removing delays and helping Canadians,” added NDP Families, Children and Social Development critic Brigitte Sansoucy. “After ten years of Conservative negligence, it’s clear that a plan is urgently needed to undo the legacy of inequality and unfairness left behind. Canadians are tired of this déjà vu mismanagement—they deserve better.”