June 3rd, 2014

G7 Summit: the moment of truth has come for Stephen Harper

The Prime Minister must take advantage of the G7 Summit to ensure trade negotiations with Europe are mutually beneficial

Canadians have waited long enough. It’s time for Canada to regain its place on the international scene by working to foster peace, and by adopting trade agreements that truly create jobs and new opportunities for Canadians.

At the G7 Summit,Prime Minister Harper has the opportunity to adopt a transparent approach to negotiations for a free-trade agreement with Europe by indicating which elements are still contentious.

“These negotiations will have a direct impact on thousands of jobs. Key sectors of our economy, like the agricultural and manufacturing, are concerned about the outcome of these negotiations. They want to know and they have the right to know,” said NDP Foreign Affairs critic, Paul Dewar (Ottawa Centre).

Last fall, the government announced with great fanfare the signing of a free-trade agreement with Europe. Nine months later, the agreement has still not been finalized and there are still many issues in dispute.

In addition to this potential agreement, the NDP believes that the Prime Minister should address the current crisis in Ukraine.

“The government must work collaboratively with our allies in order to strengthen governance, to foster diplomatic engagement and put a stop to the illegal flow of weapons in Ukraine,” added NDP deputy critic for Foreign Affairs, Hélène Laverdière (Laurier—Sainte-Marie). “We still need to align our sanctions with those of our allies as we continue to assist the Ukrainian people.”