October 18th, 2012

Forum crucial to advance women’s equality: Ashton

Women, activists and leaders of academics, from across the country, gathered in Ottawa today at a forum hosted by NDP Women's critic Niki Ashton, to discuss the critical need for action to promote women’s rights and achieve women's equality.

“Anti-feminism has crept back into public and political discourse and is proliferating. Women across Canada are facing serious challenges,” said Ashton. “We have an opportunity to shape the way forward. Coming together to have that conversation is an important step. Working together is essential.”

This first Women’s Forum comes at a time where Canadian women risk losing ground. From economic inequality, to violence against women, to the attack on a woman's right to choose, Canadian women have a lot to fight for. The Forum created a space where women can shape a way forward to achieve equality.

“Hopefully, the open and frank exchange at this event will lead to renewed collaboration and solidarity among all of us committed to fighting for women’s rights & equality in Canada," said Ashton.