December 3rd, 2012

Forgotten files in Buffalo another example of immigration mismanagement

Following major cuts, nearly 10,000 immigration files were forgotten by the department

In their haste to reform Canada’s immigration system, the Conservatives actually forgot about the files of nearly 10,000 qualified worker applicants for permanent residence, said New Democrats.

Nearly two years after paying the required fees and sending their permanent residence applications to Buffalo, thousands still haven’t received a response from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). To make matters worse, their files still haven’t been assigned to agents and Minister Kenney won’t even bother to answer their questions.

“This Conservative boondoggle transformed the Canadian dream of thousands of people into a total nightmare,” said NDP Immigration Critic, Jinny Sims. “Minister Kenney must take responsibility and deal with these forgotten applications once and for all.”

This erratic and shameful management of these forgotten files is a result of major cuts leading to the closure of the CIC office in Buffalo. In the spring, the government announced 84.3 million in cuts, particularly to staff, claiming that services wouldn’t be affected.

“By making hasty reforms and massive cuts, Minister Kenney is damaging our immigration system. Under Kenney’s watch, CIC has become less transparent, less effective and less compassionate. Minister Kenney spends more time managing ethnic outreach than he does managing his ministry,” concluded New Democrat Deputy Critic for Immigration, Sadia Groguhé.