July 22nd, 2014

Did the Liberals read the Parliament of Canada Act?

As the Board of Internal Economy (BOIE) is scheduled to meet this afternoon, the Liberals plan to yet again team up with the Conservatives and attack the NDP. Their argument is as clear as mud: the NDP shouldn’t have broken a rule… that was created out of thin air last spring… and now applies retroactively.

With that kind of argument, no wonder the only way to go ahead with their kangaroo court attacks is to meet behind the closed doors. When Liberal MP Domonic Leblanc was asked about the possibility of making the BOIE meetings public, he rejected the idea, arguing the members of the committee took an oath to keep the committee’s activities secret.

The Liberals should take a closer look at the Parliament of Canada Act. According to former House of Commons Law Clerk Rob Walsh, the law doesn’t mention anything about the necessity of BOIE meetings to be in camera. Also, the committee can make by-laws on the conduct of business at their meetings.

Canadians deserve to be represented by a party focused on their needs, not on partisan attacks against others.

Canadians deserve better.