Dexter predicts success for national NDP

Nova Scotia Premier Says Layton’s Modernized Party on the Right Track

VANCOUVER – With modern policies and a staunch commitment to families, federal New Democrats have the tools they need to grow even stronger in the years to come, Nova Scotia Premier Darrel Dexter told the party’s convention today.

“Federal New Democrats built last month’s breakthrough like we built ours in Nova Scotia — through years of perseverance, courage and disciplined hard work," Premier Dexter said. "If you keep listening to families and working just as hard, New Democrats will be governing in Ottawa before you know it.”

Premier Dexter told delegates that achieving government in Nova Scotia took patience, pragmatism and modernized policies. He emphasized that his New Democrat team earned the right to govern by becoming a dedicated opposition in the legislature.

“The key is to stay focused on achievable policies that make life better for today's families," Premier Dexter said. "Jack Layton is on that path already with his practical ideas for health care, pensions and job creation. I know this New Democrat team will prove it’s ready to govern by being the best Official Opposition Canadians have ever seen.”

Dexter spent eight years in opposition before becoming Nova Scotia’s first-ever NDP Premier in 2009 — building his caucus through three elections from 11 to 31 MLAs. Similarly, in eight years as federal leader, Layton has grown his team from 13 to 103 MPs, and now leads the first-ever national New Democrat Official Opposition.

Both leaders are widely respected for systematically building their respective teams by modernizing their outreach methods and family-oriented policy platforms.