August 18th, 2014

Conservatives unfairly fine small businesses

New Democrats and The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) are calling on Conservatives to postpone the enforcement of the anti-spam legislation to give small business owners more time to adjust.

“New Democrats have long called for strong anti-spam legislation, but the way Conservatives have implemented this law has been a disaster,” said NDP Small Business critic, Glenn Thibeault (Sudbury).

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation requires small business owners and charities to obtain express consent from Canadians before they send them emails. Since coming into force on July 1st, Canada’s new Anti-Spam Legislation has set-off alarm bells among small business owners who are concerned they may unwittingly break the new law.

“People shouldn’t be threatened with huge fines, of up to $10 million, so long as the government isn’t being clear about what they’re supposed to do,” added Thibeault.

The NDP has launched a national campaign to connect with small business owners across the country.

“What we’re hearing from small business owners is that government now deems much of their electronic communications as spam and yet hasn’t made available the tools and resources entrepreneurs need to understand the demands of the legislation”, said CFIB President and CEO Dan Kelly.

“Instead of getting the answers they deserve, sometimes they’re left waiting for answers from the CRTC or being told to ask their in-house lawyers, added Kelly. This seems at sharp odds with the government’s promises to reduce red tape for small businesses.”