March 13th, 2014

Conservatives oppose youth voting, especially the kind that includes a YouTube video

Pity the Conservatives and their paranoid ways.

Yesterday, a Conservative official provided an example to the Hill Times of Elections Canada campaigns that would be prohibited under the Unfair Elections Act.

Here’s the video:

Conservatives think it’s inappropriate for Elections Canada to encourage people to vote by addressing urban and environmental issues. Even if, in 2008, all parties had plans to reduce greenhouse gas emission (remember that Conservative Cap and Trade program? Anyone?).

Under the Unfair Elections Act, the chief electoral officer will be restricted to provide only the most basic information about voting. That’s Conservative logic: to fix the low voter turnout, especially among young voters, we should prohibit the only independent electoral entity from encouraging people to vote.

Canadians deserve a government that ensures the democratic process, not the opposite.

Canadians deserve better.