April 7th, 2014

Conservatives love creating jobs… for Temporary Foreign Workers

While the Conservative government says they will be there for out of work Canadians, as usual, their actions don’t match their spin.

Just a year ago Conservatives were promising to take action:

“We have been very clear that we will make sure the program is reformed so it cannot be misused in any such way.” – Stephen Harper, House of Commons, April 15, 2013

“We've been very clear we need to do a better job of matching the demand for EI and the demand for temporary foreign workers, that's precisely what the government has been doing for a year and a half.”
– Stephen Harper, CBC May 7, 2013

"We recognized this problem a year ago and in fact before that and we've been talking about it publicly since and in fact that's exactly why we introduced changes to the employment insurance and temporary foreign worker programs.”
– Diane Finley, CBC May 7, 2013

And yet another year has gone by and problems with the temporary foreign worker problem remain.

  • In September, nearly 300 contractors for Black & MacDonald near Fort McMurray, Alberta were laid off and temporary foreign workers were hired to replace them.
  • Just this month, McDonalds was accused of bringing in temporary foreign workers to replace Canadians at franchise outlets across the country.

Canadians deserve better – they deserve a government that keeps its promises and takes these abuses of the temporary foreign workers system seriously.