January 15th, 2014

The Conservatives’ incredible invisible Canada Jobs Grant advertising is breaking all the rules

On March 31, the existing Labour Market Agreements are set to expire and Ottawa wants to replace them with the Canada Jobs Grant – along with a $300 million cut to the provinces for skills training.

The Conservatives then spent the last year throwing away over $2.5 million advertising the Jobs Grant – a program that was the star child of last year’s budget. But not only did they fail to generate any real interest from Canadians, this wasteful Conservative advertising blitz broke rules around fair advertising.

Conservative ads claimed the program exists and would be implemented. In reality, neither of those things is true.

Because of these false Conservative claims, Advertising Standards Canada has declared the ads misleading – and they breach the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards.

Canadians are tired of a scandal-plagued Conservative government that refuses to consult, pushes through policies that fail to address people’s real problems, and misleads Canadians now as a matter of course.

Canadians deserve better.