September 30th, 2015

Conservatives have no mandate to sign trade deal during campaign

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is calling on Stephen Harper not to sign the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) in secret during the election campaign.

“The Conservative government has no mandate to sign a trade deal three weeks before Election Day,” said Mulcair. “They can stay at the talks and ensure Canada’s interests are represented, but a government that should be gone in days can’t sign a deal that will affect Canadians for years to come.”

Stephen Harper has refused to level with the Canadian public about what he is willing to sacrifice in terms of jobs in the dairy industry and in the struggling auto industry.

Conservatives have been keeping a small group of insider industry associations informed about Canada’s negotiating position while Canadians, civil society organizations and even Members of Parliament are kept in the dark.

“Stephen Harper lack of transparency and ideological approach has broken faith with Canadians,” said Mulcair. “Canadians need to be able to trust that their Prime Minister will fight for our economic interests and our jobs – and I will be that Prime Minister, at the table fighting for our jobs and communities.”