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2014 05 06
Conservatives fail to protect Canadian’s privacy — again
NDP Digital issues critic Charmaine Borg (Terrebonne – Blainville) made the following statement in reaction to the defeat of her motion on Conservative failures to protect the privacy of Canadians:

“Conservatives have repeatedly failed to protect Canadians’ privacy and are instead proposing measures that will increase their ability to access the private information of law-abiding Canadians without a warrant.

It was recently revealed that the government has requested private information from telecommunications companies 1.2 million times in the last year alone, with no warrant in an undisclosed number of those cases.

New Democrats introduced an opposition day motion to make public the number of disclosures of private information and to close loopholes that allow the release of this information. Unfortunately, Conservatives voted against it.

New Democrats believe the government should not snoop on law-abiding Canadians, and we will continue to fight to strengthen and modernize Canada’s laws privacy laws.”  

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Thomas Mulcair