May 7th, 2014

Conservatives defeat bill aimed at increasing accountability of Government

MP Pat Martin (Winnipeg Centre) made the following statement after his bill to make improvements to the Access to Information Act was defeated

“The Harper Conservatives have proven once again how hollow their promises really are. They rode into government on the high horse of their accountability and transparency rhetoric, only to abandon such commitments after seizing power.

My bill was drafted based on recommendations the Conservatives made in 2006. Now they have the audacity to turn around and vote against what they themselves had once preached. Instead of transparency and accountability, the Conservatives have spent the past eight years repeating the pattern of corruption and waste that we saw when the Liberals were in power.

The fact that Conservative MPs Michael Chong and John Williamson had to break rank with the leadership of their own party, in order to fulfill promises they made to their constituents, shows us just how out of touch Stephen Harper is with the expectations of voters.

Canadians deserve better.”