May 18th, 2012

Conservatives cut another essential environmental program

Freshwater Institute’s program made groundbreaking discoveries for 50 years

OTTAWA – NDP Environment Critic Megan Leslie criticized the Conservative government’s decision to cut the Freshwater Institute’s Experimental Lakes program in Northern Ontario, which contributed to groundbreaking research on the effects of pollutants on freshwater ecosystems for the past fifty years.

“Scientists made groundbreaking discoveries with this program on the effect of pollutants, acid rain, freshwater aquaculture and hydroelectric dams on freshwater ecosystems,” said Leslie. “The Conservatives’ approach has been to cut all programs related to the protection of our environment to hide their disastrous record. It’s unacceptable,” she added.

Numerous experts oppose this cut, which will be harmful to our environment and our health.

“This program is essential to protecting our environment and maintaining our fisheries in good health,” said Fisheries and Oceans Critic Robert Chisholm.

“This type of research requires support from the federal government. The Conservatives are once again ignoring science and cutting without any consideration for the consequences to our planet, our health or our economy,” added Deputy Critic for Health, Ann Minh Thu Quach.