April 14th, 2014

Conservative Senator Linda Frum (once again) attacking Elections Canada

Even a Conservative-dominated Senate Committee is now acknowledging the Unfair Elections Act has crossed the line of basic fairness, and is recommending amendments.

But we don’t think unelected unaccountable Senators, some of whom have been attacking non-partisan witnesses, can be trusted to fix the Conservatives’ self-serving Election Act changes.

This morning, Conservative Senator Linda Frum was once again trying to explain her bizarre theory about Elections Canada creating an apparent conflict of interest through their monitoring of the integrity of the electoral system and by promoting voter participation.

“In attempting to achieve a balance between these two different missions, the evidence suggests that Elections Canada has favoured its turnout goals over preserving the integrity of the process”

Conservative Senator Linda Frum is essentially accusing Elections Canada of allowing just about anyone to vote in order to pad voter turnout numbers!

But of course there is no “proof” to back up the claim that Elections Canada failed to fulfill its duty to ensure the integrity of the electoral process.

In fact, it is quite telling that Conservatives – who faced investigations and police raids as part of their In and Out scheme, as well as the fraudulent voter suppression calls traced back to the Conservative Party’s database – are the only ones questioning the integrity or neutrality of Elections Canada.

Furthermore, it is misleading and irresponsible to suggest that our electoral system is somehow failing. Harry Neufeld, an independent expert tasked with studying vouching during the last election found no proof of fraud relating to the vouching system.

Its been over a week since NDP leader Tom Mulcair challenged the Prime Minister to name a single specialist, without ties to the Conservative Party, who is in favour of his electoral reform bill.

The wait goes on…

Canadians deserve better than a Conservative government who makes up facts in order to justify its unfair policies.