January 30th, 2014

Conservative partisan appointee breaches the code of conduct

Back in 2009, Stephen Harper appointed a dozen friends of his to the Parole Board of Canada. Fred Tufnell, who donated money to the Conservative party only a few months before being appointed, was promoted to vice-chairman in 2011, and received an annual salary of $160,000.

Last October, he was removed from his position, though keeping his seat on the Parole Board. The government justified their decision by saying that he “no longer enjoys the confidence” of the federal cabinet.

It turns out that the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner found out why exactly he lost the confidence of Harper’s government.

  • He requested a second review on a case that he had a conflict of interest in
  • He demonstrated inappropriate behaviour and actions towards female employees
  • He criticized Parole Board members behind their back
  • He disclosed information to individuals that were not authorized to receive it http://www.psic.gc.ca/eng/content/cr-pbc-jan-2014

Canadians deserve a government that appoints the right people to the right positions, not a government that appoints its closest friends who end up breaching the code of conduct.

Canadians deserve better.